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Your Ad will be placed in between spins in the slot tournament fundraiser. It will have a set timer that can not be close until the time is up. There is also an option for a QR code insert. 


Your Ad will also be displayed above the official Leaderboard. This Ad will have a direct hyperlink to your information 


Your Ad has the ability to have a QR Code attached. This code can be utilized when a player is using a mobile device. A simple screenshot of your ad sends them directly to wherever you would like. 

Event Email

Your Ad can also be seen from email marketing off the event. 

Social Media

Your Ad can be seen through social media advertisements along with Facebook virtual events. With co-sponsorship, you build organic reach.


Your Ad will be seen in the blog created when the fundraiser is set up. Using the non-for-profits organic traffic to drive traffic to you.  

How to Advertise?

Tell us your goal?

What do you want your Ad to do? Are you looking for brand awareness? Do you want to offer a coupon? Do you want people to visit your website? Think about what exactly you want to accomplish.

Design your Ad?

Just send us your Ad. We can add a Flowcode to your design to point people to where you want them to go. Or we can use your personal QRCode with the Ad you provide us. Make your Ad (1440 x 900). We can also help you design your Ad.

Share your Ad.

There will be an Event you can co-sponsor on Facebook and other social media opportunities. This will give you organic reach. Engage when you can and get the most out of your Ad.  

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